Sustainability Ambassador & Innovator Drinks March 2021

As a sign of our appreciation for the work that the community of Sustainability Ambassadors and Innovators has been engaged over the last years, we were excited to host our first 2021 Sustainable Ambassador & Innovator Drinks in Shanghai last week..

Something we did regularly prior to COVID, the gathering has a single goal: bring together the community of sustainability professionals, entrepreneurs, and innovators , so that connections can be made, collaborations can be formed, and inspiration can be found.

And while the majority of the time was dedicated to networking, Rich Brubaker, Founder of Collective Responsibility, welcomed everyone back, and spent a few minutes discussing how his time away from China during 2020 only reinforced his belief that the community needed to find opportunities to move faster… together.

Thanks to all that came out.

We look forward to seeing you in June!






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To watch our Sustainability Ambassadors’ videos, visit #SustainabilityAmbassadors or learn more about sustainability ambassadors, visit #SustyAmbassadors.


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