Insights & Analysis

To understand the sustainability issues affecting your industry, we help firms build the necessary knowledge base for developing strategy, tactics, and programs for the future through research insights and analysis.

Collective provides macro-level analyses of the most significant trends in China and Asia, while also delivering bespoke company analysis and social impact assessments to identify and analyze the sustainability issues that may impact your firm’s value chain.

Research Insights

Issue-Based & Strategy-Based Research

We conduct on-the-ground and data-based analysis into areas of interest across topics of urbanization and innovation in Asia. We then analyze opportunities and best practices for firms to take advantage of the research insights and formulate best practices accordingly. Examples of our recent reports include:

  • Energy in China
  • Manufacturing Labor in China
  • Corporate Social Responsibility in China
  • Building a Sustainability Ambassador Network

Find more of our current publications here.

Industry Benchmarking

Through industry benchmarking, firms can identify the positions and programs of their competitors on key areas of sustainability and CSR. By doing this, Collective can create a gap analysis to find opportunities to develop unique and impactful programming for your firm.

Stakeholder Analysis

Stakeholder analysis initially identifies and segments your key stakeholders before prioritizing the stakeholders by needs, capacity for action, and expectations. The result is the development of a clear and targeted stakeholder engagement plan.

Regulatory Analysis

Regulatory analysis is vital in China and Asia as sustainability-related laws are regularly being updated and tightened. By identifying key regulations and regulatory trends, Collective formulates policy analysis and engagement plans for your firm to develop an understanding of key issues of concern and catalysts for change.

Impact Assessments

The goal of an impact assessment is to drive improvements that increase the value of programs to the people they serve. Social impact assessment helps organizations to plan better, implement more effectively, and successfully bring initiatives to scale. Assessment also facilitates accountability, supports stakeholder communication, and helps guide the allocation of scarce resources.

Our methodology composes of desktop research, stakeholder interviews, field assessments, and reporting.

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