Stakeholder Engagement

While firms transform their internal stakeholder relationships and approaches to follow best business practices in innovation and sustainability, engaging external stakeholders is just as, if not more, important to generating support and momentum towards new sustainability missions and goals.

Collective facilitates such discussions between internal and external stakeholders to create alignment, buy-in, and collaboration through our events, seminars, and cross-platform projects.

Supplier Engagement & Capacity Building

As a key stakeholder, suppliers must be engaged to ensure your value chain is sustainable from the start. Collective Responsibility will help you to determine which suppliers to engage with and provide tools to engage suppliers on areas related to sustainability.

Having engaged suppliers, we then work with them to develop their own capacity and identify opportunities for collaboration for sustainable supply chain projects.

Co-creation Workshops & Hackathons

A one- or two-day co-creation workshop brings together the internal and external stakeholders of a company to understand more deeply the sustainability challenges a company faces while working collaboratively to find innovative solutions in people, product, and process.

Hackathons are 24, 36 or even 48 hour innovation events in which participants intensively work together in up to six teams to find new solutions (in the form of business plans, software or hardware) to a sustainability or innovation challenge, set by the client.

University Engagement & Projects

Collective Responsibility links students from Asia’s leading universities with corporate and non-profit partners to identify, research, and develop solutions for some of the most important issues facing China.

This platform offers real insight and strategic value to both student teams and partners. Student Projects last between 2 to 3 months, and at the end of each project, we aim to provide both groups the opportunity to advance their capacity for long-term sustainability.

Who We’ve Worked With