Strategy & Program Development

Developing the strategic programs and partnerships that will move an organization from inspiration to impact is one of Collective’s strengths in working with our clients.

By helping direct strategic operations at both a local and global level while assisting program development from inception to successful execution, we guide firms’ transformation towards sustainability each step along the way.

Regional Localization of Global Sustainability Strategy

While many firms attempt to roll out global strategies, the goals and activities are often not relevant or engaging to the country or region. Collective advises firms on how to localize their global sustainability strategies for China and Asia to create local impact and engagement. Our methodology includes:

  • Assessing the current global platform initiatives and programs.
  • Identifying key areas of focus which are applicable for China/Asia.
  • Restructuring and aligning activities for local businesses, brand, and capacity.
  • Identifying opportunities for improved employee engagement and empowerment.

Program Design, Development, & Execution

When designing and developing a strategic sustainability or CSR program, Collective ensures there is strong alignment to the needs of businesses and brand. Collective creates a strategy that includes program frequency, duration, locations, and if required, an internal framework for attracting, managing, and rewarding volunteers.

If partners are required for the program, Collective will undertake an identification and selection process, resulting in recommendations and introductions to the most suitable organizations.

Collective can assist in the execution of pilot projects of the program, and once piloted, we work with firms to develop a strategy that will bring the program to scale throughout China and/or the Asia region.

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