Protecting Human Rights & Delivering Social Impact | Anne-Roos Wasser

In this episode, I speak with Anne-Ross Wasser about the work she is doing as a Senior Policy Advisor for the Dutch Foreign of Ministry Affairs to monitor, support & protect the rights of LGBTQI+ communities around the world.

Through it, we speak about her passion for human rights, career path as a diplomat, and some of the unique opportunities (& challenges) that she sees to delivering social impact through diplomacy.

00:25 – Welcome to Sustainability Ambassador Podcast
00:55 – Anne-Roos Wasser Introduction
01:55 – LQBTIQ+ Trends and stakeholders
02:55 – Government policies and actors that restrict LQBTIQ+
04:05 – How Dutch government is working to support LGBTIQ+ rights and LGBTIQ+ activists
04:55 – Introduction to the work of LGBTIQ+ Senior Policy Advisor
05:25 – First steps to building government career
05:55 – Benefits of working for government
06:45 – Government as vehicle for driving impact
07:40 – Balancing the needs & interestes of stakeholders to make progress
09:20 – Slower speed of governments & looking long term
10:45 – Vision for career / impact over next 5 years
11:30 – How they partner with external organizations (NGOs)
12:45 – Shifting career focus towards LGBTIQ+
12:30 – How to making a difference through career
14:35 – Staying motivated
15:40 – Goals for current role
16:45 – Steps to achieve goals
17:45 – Biggest obstacles (funding, elections, etc) and maintaining focus
19:55 – Advice to young professionals & students looking to build government career

About Anne-Roos Wasser
Anne-Roos Wasser is a diplomat working for the Dutch government. Her current posting is with the Multilateral and Human Rights Department in The Hague, where she is the LGBTIQ+ senior policy advisor.

She was previously posted to Shanghai, China, working on trade promotion and communication.

Prior to that, she served as the Saudi Arabia, Kuwaiti and UAE country desk at the Middle East Department in The Hague.

She is a historian by training.

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