Putting Costa Rica on a Sustainable Path | José María Figueres

In this episode of Sustainability Ambassadors, José María Figueres, Former President of Costa Rica, speaks with Rich about putting Costa Rica on the path to sustainability in the 1990s.

The conversation starts with WHY he saw sustainability as an opportunity for his country, and from there HOW he developed strategy, aligned stakeholder, and measured success.

00:30 – Welcome to Sustainable Ambassador Podcast
01:20 – Jose Introduction
02:20 – Creating a vision for sustainable Costa Rica
03:50 – Conserving he environment is a fantastic business opportunity
06:40 – Making tough sells a reality
07:40 – Pushing for the things you believe in, and can prove with science
08:05 – Measuring success
10:30 – Sustainability & economic tranformations
12:05 – The role of subsidies to promote, or inhibit, sustainable investments
14:15 – The challenges leaders face to making decisions with long-term return
16:15 – How stakeholders are catalyzing leaders
17:50 – The role of storytelling to bring solutions to scale
20:00 – Advice to young professionals

About Jose Maria:
José María served as Minister of State and was later elected President of Costa Rica (1994–1998) at the age of 39.

As President he created a comprehensive national development strategy based on the tenets of sustainability: sound economics, investment in human development, and a strong alliance with nature.

José María pioneered the linkage between sustainable development and technology, which he continued after his time in government by helping to create the United Nations’ ICT Task Force, and then serving as its first Chairperson in 1999.

He was also the first CEO of the World Economic Forum, where he strengthened global corporate ties to social and governmental sectors. Later he was named CEO of Concordia 21, dedicated to supporting organizations that promote development and democratic values around the world.

In 2013, José María helped launch the Global Ocean Commission to formulate politically and technically feasible recommendations to address key issues facing the high seas. He currently serves as its Co-Chair.

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