AI and You: Don’t Miss Two Great Events on Trends in AI Technology

At an unprecedented rate, Chinese factories have begun making their initial investments into replacing, or augmenting, traditional labor with robotics in order to increase production and reduce the cost of labor, thus paving the way for China to become the AI global leader by 2030. Despite challenges related to installing and maintaining automated lines and the concerns over job losses by local government officials, it is expected that China will continue to significantly invest in AI technology.

Tomorrow, March 13th, Collective Responsibility will host two events the growing investment in AI technology and the impact this investment will have on all aspects of the current manufacturing sector. The luncheon will focus on the future of AI technology in the supply chain, which industries will be most impacted during this pivot to AI technology and which steps firms need to take build and protect their brand.  Later tomorrow night, Collective Responsibility will host a forum for entrepreneurs and young professionals to learn from Brian Wu, the vice president of Quicktronics, and Eric Tian, the founder and CEO of INREVO Inc., about the opportunities automation has to offer and the challenges AI technology may create. Both events still have limited seats available.

Please contact Emily at [email protected] with any questions about these two events.

For more information on AI technology, please see our recent post on AI in modern business and society.

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