[The Collective Forum] Industry 4.0: AI, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability

About The Event

With the rising emergence of self-driving cars, automated factories and stores in China, AI is already becoming part of our lives.  It is a trend that, for all the concerns, the Chinese government is going all in on with a 13 billion plan to build an AI industrial park and stated goal to be the global leader in AI by 2030.

For some, this is something to be feared, but through this forum we will have leading entrepreneurs in this space to discuss why it is the time for entrepreneurs and young professionals to tap into this rising opportunity, build businesses, and deliver social values.

A few questions we will address include:

  • What are the key areas of opportunity for automation in China going forward?
  • What are the opportunities (and challenges) for entrepreneurs looking to build and deliver businesses?

About The Speakers

Brian Wu

Vice President, Quicktronics Group

Brian Wu is responsible for the research and development of systems, hardware, products, and IT. Previously he has worked in other prestigious foreign companies such as Autodesk, IGT, Cisco, etc., and have acquired intensive experience in distributed systems, cloud computing, system architecture, etc.

Shanghai Quicktron, founded in 2014, provides intelligent automatic warehouse robotics and solutions and has established as the market leader in China with top clients including Alibaba, JD, VIP, Best Logistic, etc.

Eric Tian

Founder and CEO of INREVO Inc

INREVO Inc is a leading industrial internet startup based in Hangzhou and Guangzhou. INREVO’s technology offerings focus on manufacturing digitization, leveraging cutting edge IIoT and big data analytics technology to optimize factory floor operation and supply chain management. Eric has over 15 years of experience in information technology, consulting and digital transformation for traditional enterprise. He specializes in IT infrastructure, Cloud Computing and Big data analytics.

More speakers to come! 

Event Details

  • Date: Tuesday 13 March
  • Time : 7pm – 9pm
  • Venue : Jing’an
  • Tickets:
    • Students : 50 RMB
    • Early Bird : 75RMB
    • Walk in : 100 RMB
  • RSVP : Register for the event.