Upcoming Events: The Future of Productivity – Shanghai Workshop & Forum

For this month’s event series on “The Future of Productivity”, we have two events in Shanghai that will look at the role of AI inside the office, and the concerns about job losses, and how companies and people will need to adapt to the future working environment and new jobs that will come about as we head not only towards Industry 4.0, but Office 4.0 in China.

To help drive depth of insights into the challenges and opportunities this shift will pose, we have invited speakers to speak about:

  • How will firms need to change their organizational structures and workplace strategies?
  • What are the training and development programs needed now to prepare people for future roles?
  • How should firms engage with universities differently to attract new talent?


Shanghai Executive Workshop –  11.30am -1.30pm Tuesday 25th July


  • Christopher Corkery – Principal at Strategy&, part of PwC
  • Beecher Ashley-Brown – Sr. Vice President, Ajinga.com

Shanghai Young Professionals Forum –  6.30pm – 9pm Tuesday 25th July


  • Stacy Zhao – Talent Program Manager, Starbucks
  • Brian Tam – Partner, Let’s Make Great

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If you are interested in attending any of the above events, please contact [email protected] for more information.

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