Managing Responsible Business: The Future of Ethics

While not an expert in business ethics, one of the most frequent discussions I have is the role of ethics as it relates to firms looking to roll out effective and engaging program, particularly in business critical areas, and the correlation between ethical foundations and program success (or failure).

Far more practical in Asia, discussions of ethics is traditionally tied to a place that quickly turns philosophical and religious. which is part of the program in the Asia context as the different context of ethics in definition, practice, and standard can be night and day for some managers.  Particularly those who were trained in the West.

And while doing a bit of research recently on the tie up between ethics and responsibility I came across an interesting series of discussions on the practical nature of ethics in the firms by the Chartered Management Global Accountant organization called Managing Responsible Business: The future of ethics.  Very British in format, the discussion involves a wide range of stakeholders and has three parts: Ethical Culture, Accounting for Ethics, and Ethical Dilemmas. All of which I highly recommend for their content and consideration

Additionally, there are a series of reports that are available from their website that I also highly recommend: Managing responsible business – a global survey on business ethicsSustainable business: Shared value in practice, and Rebooting business: Valuing the human dimension.

Each of which offer some nicely packaged insights to the strategic gaps and impacts to the firm.

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