Energy in China


“With China’s plan to urbanize another 20-30 million people per year until 2030, there is little doubt that overall demand for energy will continue to grow for the next two decades. As will the size of the challenges that China faces with addressing the imbalances in its energy systems; a system that by some estimates will grow by more than 250% over the same time period.”

With our goal to provide “on the ground” sector insights into the Chinese economy, and helping our readers be able to develop context and identify opportunities around the challenges that China’s cities are facing as they urbanize the next 300 million people, we are happy to announce the release of “Energy in China”.

As one of the critical systems that has supported China’s rapid growth model, the scale of China’s energy demand has placed significant pressure on suppliers and producers to not just keep up, but to keep the skies clear. It is a challenge that has been recognized to have done considerable damage to China’s environment, as well as to the health of its citizens, and has let to calls for a transformation towards a cleaner economy and cleaner fuel sources. A transformation that will require change from industries that are seen as emitters, but will become an area of growth for those who are solution providers. Investments in renewable supplies are needed, but beyond that, for China to find sustainability in its energy economy, China’s plans for economic transportation and to squeeze out the high number of inefficiencies must also be a focus.

Through this report, you will gain valuable insight and context into China’s energy industry, understanding the main drivers for growth and structural change, the challenges the industry is facing, who the key stakeholders are, and areas where we feel the best opportunities for solution providers to penetrate the Chinese market exist.

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