The Pursuit of Excellence

For social entrepreneurs, or socially minded entrepreneurs, maintaining a focus on excellence and impact should be paramount. At times, maintaining that focus is difficult .. and tiring .. and it’s my hope that this clip helps those of you who are looking for a bit of inspiration (and focus).

CrossFit Journal: Pursuit of Excellence with Greg Glassman:

“I learned quite a bit about fitness, and I learned every bit of it from my clients. I’m learning a lot about business, and I’m learning it all from affiliates.

I can tell you what it is that makes you successful in business, really, as a CrossFit affiliate. It’s the blind and relentless, constant pursuit of excellence.

You ask yourself every day, every morning, every night, ‘What can I do to make this better? Not make more money, but to make it better?’ And you’ve found a thousand ways to make it better. It includes participating in building charities, it’s your support of foundations, support of one another, constant and unending service to your clients, supporting and caring about everyone that comes through the doors like nothing else matters.

Here’s what marketing is. Marketing is all those things I’ll do to improve a business that really aren’t fundamentally at the heart of improving a product or service. ‘I’m tired of making it better. I think I’ll go make some money.’ And I don’t think it’s working.”

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