Play Your Own Ball

Years back while discussing with a good friend how I was unable to work out where I stood in comparison to others, and how then what steps to take going forward, my friend old me to play my own ball.

Imagine I’m golf course. Don’t look around a how others are doing, or be intimidated by others, just focus on your own ball. Just hit the ball as hard as I can, get the ball into the cup, and let the rest of it go.

The time I spend looking at another’s swing or judging whether or not I hit the ball farther,  I am spending away from attaining the goal.

Getting the ball into the cup

It was, and still is, valuable advice, that I think back to as I work with different firms, agencies, and students and begin to see how each group is catalyzed.. and distracted.

Play Your Own Ball - Collective Responsibility

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