Limits of Growth – Singapore

While messages of rising carbon emissions, global warming, and planetary alarm seem to be a regular occurrence at the global level, in China the discussion is centered around a more tangible set of limits.

Hosted by Haworth, sponsored by EATON, and in partnership with Green Drinks Singapore and the Family Business Network, this round of Beyond Business As Usual will be focused on the Limits of Growth so that participants can develop a deeper understanding of the issues that Asia faces, and how business leaders can prepare themselves and their organizations

For Singapore, A city state that has just celebrated its 48th birthday, and one that is constantly looking for an opportunity to increase its competitiveness, Singapore has proactively looked at, and addressed, many of its physical limits to growth.

However, as has been seen in recent months, for Singapore to continue growing, it needs to address several key issues of energy, waste, and food, and to address those issues the following speakers will come and share their views on the issues as they see them and how they are positioning themselves and their firms going forward.

Moderator: Richard Brubaker – Founder, Collective Responsibility and Adjunct Professor, Sustainability, China Europe International Business School

Confirmed speakers include:
Curt Hutchins – EATON President, Asia Pacific
Kian Seah – Managing Director, Heng Hiap Industries Sdn Bhd
Andras Kristoph – Founder, Homegrow

To learn more about the Limits of Growth series, or the Beyond Business As Usual platform, please visit the Beyond Business As Usual page



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