Weekly Round Up: Let women lead the way, clamping down on coal, & preparing for climate change

With so much going on in the realm of sustainability, leadership, and innovation, and only a limited amount of bandwidth for professionals in this space, we have created this weekly post to highlight articles that we feel are (1) important, (2) relevant, and (3) interesting in the areas of business sustainability. If you have an article that you feel needs to be mentioned, please do so in the comments section.

Want a more sustainable world? Let women lead the way

Women seek more meaningful investment such as environment, social and governance issues than most traditional investors. In this piece, Tara and Shilpi discuss the relationship between firms’ commitment to sustainability and the number of women in the boardroom/executive positions, and the implication of gender diversity on fostering a more sustainable corporate environment.

China Clamps Down on Coal

The end of last year signified some of the worst and certainly most publicised air pollution of the calendar. Much of these emission are driven by the high levels of coal burning present within China. In a move that looks to try and address these issues and reduce excess capacity present, China has claimed it will not approve any new coal mines for the next 3 years with 1000 operational mines to close. How this will impact on the negative externalities will remain to be seen but it is a step that looks to contribute to the restructuring of China’s energy mix restructuring.

China needs to pave ‘One Belt One Road’ with green finance

The much-hyped One Belt, One Road initiative of the Chinese government is going to involve massive use of concrete, steel, chemicals, and base metals across almost 60 countries, mainly in Asia and Europe. If not backed by green banking, the projects could be a major source of environmental damage and that China’s financial credibility would be at stake.

How to help your company prepare for climate change in 2016

How will climate change impact a company’s valuation? Do employees understand how climate change aligns to their business? and do different departments even talk to each other about it?

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