M Talks China: Issue of Food Waste

As China’s economy has shifted from the world’s factory to a consumer led economy, China’s cities have struggled to find ways to safely and economically manage the various consumers wastes that are produced daily.

In cities like Beijing and Shanghai, where more than 2,000 tons of food waste can be produced in a day, the size of the challenge has not only catalyzed increased regulation but is catalyzing new innovation in process and disposal.

To help shed some light on the challenge, through this session participants will gain a greater understanding of China’s waste problem, including:
How big is China’s food waste issue, and what is the role of consumers?

How is food waste managed, formally and informally, in China?
What are the realities of food waste recycling, and what is the business case for circular economy initiatives (e.g. product takeback programs)?
How can consumers engage their stakeholders to participate in programs, or as brand building?

Featured speakers:

  • Scott Minoie, Element Fresh
  • June Zhang, Collective Responsibility
  • Wendy, Starbucks
  • Moderator: Richard Brubaker