BBAU June – Closing the loop on waste (Shanghai)

In this BeyondBAU luncheon on “Closing the loop on waste”, we will look at how China is managing its growing supply of waste, the implications for business, and some best practices for how firms in the retail and manufacturing sector are closing the loop in China.


To help drive depth of insights into the current systems, as well as some innovative programs, we will be releasing our comprehensive report on Shanghai’s Informal Waste Sector, and have invited executives from leading retailer and materials firms to speak about:

  • How is waste managed, formally and informally, in China?
  • What are the realities of recycling, and what is the business case for circular economy initiatives (e.g. product takeback programs)?
  • How can firms engage their stakeholders in participating in programs, or as brand building?


Monique Maissan – CEO & Founder of Waste2Wear

Monique Maissan is founder and CEO of Vision Textiles, a textile company with its own manufacturing bases in China and India and sales offices in China, America, Malaysia, India and Europe.( Singapore in 2015) In 2011 Monique Maissan founded “Waste2Wear”; Textile products made from recycled plastic bottles. Using new techniques in order to create very thin yarns suitable to be used alone or in combination with eco-friendly natural fibers. Truly creating a new standard in the textile industry. In 2014 the Brand Waste2Weave was added for the Indian project in cooperation with TARA (india). In 2012, Monique Maissan was awarded the Business Woman of the Year title by Enterprising Women Magazine, and she continues to find time in her schedule to do charity work with foundations such as Kanthari, Braille without Borders, and Operation Blessing.

Waste2Wear is offering a full circle solutions and concepts, through partnering up with local waste-management companies. Either by collecting PET bottles or products made from them for its cradle to cradle concepts . All is shipped through reversed logistics back to China. Vision Textiles won the EESC European Sustainability award in September 2014 for its brand Waste2Wear.

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