Weekly Round Up: Strategic Sustainability Steps, Transformational Companies, & Electric Cars in China

With so much going on in the realm of sustainability, leadership, and innovation, and only a limited amount of bandwidth for professionals in this space, we have created this weekly post to highlight articles that we feel are (1) important, (2) relevant, and (3) interesting in the areas of business sustainability. If you have an article that you feel needs to be mentioned, please do so in the comments section.

Five Steps to Strategic Sustainability and Abundance

While leaders understand the importance of sustainability, they often have difficulty translating it into action. A new theory to align business and sustainability, based on the “Abundance Cycle” uses a five-step process that makes sustainability into strategic actions for growth.

IKEA, Interface and Business as a Force for Good

Many companies started their sustainability programs to contribute to a cleaner and more environmental friendly global economy, however, few have moved beyond incremental solutions. Those that have move beyond, “transformational companies” are a new breed of business that recognize and future-proof their operations and supply chains by tackling environmental and social problems through its core business model.

Climate, Energy and China’s 13th Five-Year Plan in Graphics

Some graphics from Chinadialogue to summarise China’s energy and environmental targets and impacts from it’s 13th Five Year Plan.

China’s Government is taking the Electric Car market really, really seriously

Despite some 400% market growth in 2015, China’s electric vehicle industry is likely to leap ahead in the near future as the government releases new measures to ramp up the development.


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