China’s Social Responsibility Specialists on Twitter

Following the upgrade of my Social Entrepreneurs/ enterprise and Environmental / Sustainability professional twitter lists, I thought I would expand to a third post that included some of the CSR professionals I know working in China. this list is a bit thinner than the others, partially because some practitioners are included on the other lists, so if you know of anyone who has been left off please make sure to let me know in the comments section.

Shortly, I will begin putting together a blog list to follow.

@Dan Little – Philosopher of social science; politics and social justice in China, southeast Asia
@David Levy – Modern, ethical and effective leadership for China-based manufacturing organizations.
@Heather K Mak – Carefully curated industry news/musings from a manager
@Perrine Bouhana – Sustainability consultant working at international PR firm
@Jeff Ballinger – Researching/writing abt trade union rights, int’l law applied to workers, restitution and Human Trafficking
@Emily D’Ath – Background in sustainability, aid & CSR. Committed to improving digital & communications standards in NGO & NPO sectors.
@Kara Chan – human rights, ESG, Corporate Governance, China labor issues, sustainability
@Brian Ho -China Director of CSR Asia
@Li Qiang – China Labor Watch
@Natalie Lowe – The stylish communicator in China who digs CSR initiatives, Habitat for Humanity, clean tech, personal branding, fashion & simply the art of communication
@David Levy – Modern, ethical and effective leadership for China-based manufacturing organizations
@yluobo – CSR Analyst / from Beijing, China
@Joseph Fong – Head of Asia – The Centre for Corporate Public Affairs
@Hans W. Vriens – Managing Partner at Vriens & Partners a boutique firm specializing in Political, Economic Analysis and Government Relations in Asia Pacific
@Elizabeth Keck – Retail…Sustainability…China…And love to travel
@Jerome Tseng – A CSR professional in Taiwan. Former SG of the CSR Taiwan. Working on a book about responsible capitalism (in Chinese)
@Vincent Pan – Executive Director, Chinese for Affirmative Action

Related Organizations – These accounts are of the organizations themselves, for profit and non
@clntranslations – China Labor News Translations is a free collection of English translations of mainland Chinese reports and commentaries labor issues. New translations monthly.
@China Labor Bureau – China Labour Bulletin is dedicated to promoting and defending workers’ rights in China
@ethicaltrade – The Ethical Trading Initiative is an alliance of companies, trade unions and voluntary organisations partnering to improve workers’ lives worldwide
@Responsible Sourcing – The Responsible Sourcing Network (RSN) advances global supply chains that are accountable to the people and natural habitats they touch.
@ChinaBreaking – Finessing Ethical Commodity Product Inputs & Contract deals to & from China
@SustAbility covering CSR, biz, innovation, food, china, and anything consumer facing.
@Global Food Safety Forum – not-for-profit industry association that promotes food safety for all companies operating in China.

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