Jonathan Woetzle: China’s Urbanization

Jonathan Woetzle and his team and MGI have been doing a lot of work to research, analyze, and promote the way that China should urbanize.

It is a report I read last year, and it is one I believe anyone who considers themselves as having a role in sustainability should read as it does a fair job of laying out the largest challendges and opportunities that China will face going forward.

Where I think the report is lacking, and where I look forward to seeing their revisions though is simply in the depth of the report and the analysis.

Sure, the number of people moving to the cities wil be huge, and sure China must develop better processes for housing, training employing, and feeding thosenew urban residents, but the issues go far deeper than that and it will take more than 25 consultants 5 months to fully understand themselves the pieces on the board.

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