Beyond Business As Usual: The Limits of Growth

While messages of rising carbon emissions, global warming, and planetary alarm seem to be a regular occurrence at the global level, in many part of the world, the discussion is centered around a more tangible set of limits: the availability of water, air pollution, the pressure of growing populations in the urban environment, and finding the energy supplies needed to keep the global economy on a growth trajectory.

Held in partnership with our sponsors, EATON and Haworth, we will be bringing global leaders and local entrepreneurs to the stage to share their views on what are they see as the Limits to Growth across Asia, and the actions they are taking to reduce their risk and increase their opportunity as business leaders.

It is an event that draws between 75-125 participants per city into an active discussion, and we hope moves participants from inspiration to action.

So, please take the time to check the schedule of events below and join us for what promises to be an evening of interesting discussion, networking, and the transfer of knowledge. So that when you return to your home or office, you are able to take your own steps towards reducing your risks, or increasing your opportunities, for when the Limits of Growth are reached.

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