Catalysts for Change and Solving China’s Air Pollution Crisis | #AskTheCollective 005

Following up on a question posed by a viewer of Episode 005, and this weekend’s announcement by China’s Premier Li KeQiang that China needed to do more to clean the air, this entire episode was dedicated to China’s air pollution and what efforts need to be taken towards long-lasting solutions.

It was originally planned to be a quick 5 minutes, but quickly turned into 12.  We hope that you enjoy the episode and find the content actionable.

If you would like to learn more about the challenges (and opportunities) that air pollution present in China, please check out Collective’s recent articles on China’s smog, along with our Air Pollution and Energy reports.

#AskTheCollective is a series built entirely on answering your questions, and through it we hope to provide a different level of value to our community.

It is an open platform, and we hope that through it you will find ways to learn about the challenges faced. But more importantly, we hope that through these answers, you will discover strategic and/or tactical insights that help you to move from inspiration to action.

So, keep the questions coming, and if you believe that the series brings value to you, please subscribe and share with your friends.

Check out the full playlist here.

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