[NEW WEBSERIES] #AskTheCollective: Episode 001

As a way to engage with you, our audience, we are happy to announce that Episode 001 of the #AskTheCollective video series is now live! This episode features topics ranging from food waste in China to the reality of China’s pledge to become an “ecological civilization”. Special thanks to our askers: Travis Opocensky, Hunter Lovins, John Dennis Liu, Ariel Muller, and Rob Watson.

#AskTheCollective is a new series built entirely on answering your questions, and through it we hope to provide a different level of value to our community.

It is an open platform, and we hope that through it you will find ways to learn about the challenges faced. But more importantly, we hope that through these answers, you will discover strategic and/or tactical insights that help you to move from inspiration to action.

So, keep the questions coming, and if you believe that the series brings value to you, please subscribe and share with your friends. Enjoy Episode 002,  check out the full playlist here, and stay tuned for Episode 002 coming soon!

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