Allergies in China: Bayer Workshop Unites Industry Leaders

Allergies are among the most common chronic conditions worldwide. A number of triggers such as food, dust and pollen are responsible for allergic reactions and activate symptoms in the nose, lungs, throat, or on the skin. Changing lifestyles, severe air pollution, a lack of access to credible diagnosis information, and a lack of awareness about preventative treatment result in the continuously growing scale and impact of allergies in China.

Let’s Workshop Allergies: Industry Leaders United

Improving quality of life is always at the core of Bayer’s businesses, and so on June 6th, Bayer invited a select group of industry leaders to bring their expertise from different fields to address the current challenges faced by Chinese allergy sufferers.

Through a series of interactive workshops, participants worked together to better understand the issues from a patient’s perspective. Inspired to help generate tangible insights and outcomes with real-life applicability, participants collectively leveraged their skills, experience, and organizational resources to provide solutions. See our video of the event below.

The outputs at the end of the workshop included some highly innovative solutions for some personas of Chinese allergy sufferers. Later, the discussed content and solutions were repurposed as input for a student hackathon two weeks later in Shanghai.

Many thanks again to all our participants, and in particular to our speakers:
• Louie Cheng, Founder, PureLiving China
• Weihua Pan, Dermatologist, Shanghai Changzheng Hospital
• Hammans Stallings, Principle Strategist, Frog Design
• Cherry Qi, VP, GolinMagic
• Tiantian Li, Founder,
• PT Black, Marketing Director, Nike

Follow us now to see our Bayer Allergy Student Hackathon video next week!


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