Passion, A Business Mindset, and Mentors | Sharon Xiao, UPM

When building up networks of sustainability leaders and innovators, it often takes the progressive action of a single individual to catalyze real change. These individuals are Sustainability Ambassadors, and they have the capacity and the drive to inspire change at any level of an organization – from the new talent to the visionary executive.

In this episode of Sustainability Ambassadors, we speak with Sharon Xiao, Asia Pacific Sustainability Manager at UPM about her passion for sustainability, how she looks to leverage a business mindset to empathize and engage with internal stakeholders, and the role of mentors.

It is an interview that we know young professionals will find inspiring, but for our executive viewers, we hope it will give you an insight into the mindset of young professional who is looking to be empowered.  A professional, that if engaged, has the potential to become a key asset as you look to set business strategy, and make long term business investments.


For more stories like Sharon’s, and to learn how to foster similar leaders in your own company, check out our Building a Sustainability Ambassador Network Report.

About Sustainability Ambassador Series

Sustainability Ambassadors is a video series that we hope will not only engage and inspire you, but catalyze you and your organization into action: to identify those with the potential to rise and think outside the box, and build a collaborate community of such people that can help your organization forge new paths of longevity and evolve into something powerful.

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For more insights on Sustainability Ambassadors, and to learn how to foster champions who can take your organization beyond business as usual, check out our Building a Sustainability Ambassador Network Report.

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