Sustainability Ambassador Appreciation Reception

Yesterday, we were excited to host our second Shanghai Sustainable Ambassador Appreciation Reception.

An event to celebrate the work of sustainability professionals and business leaders who are looking to drive sustainability through their business, participants had a chance to network and share ideas over relaxed drinks and delicious hors-d’œuvres.

The guests were a group of passionate and committed individuals from different industries, all working toward a sustainable future. Some of these people have been featured on our video series, which presents interviews with outstanding individuals that through their work; they fight different social and environmental challenges.

After a warm welcome by Richard Brubaker, Founder and Managing Director of Collective Responsibility, our Sustainability Ambassadors were invited to formally introduce themselves and shared their success sustainability stories.

Then the floor was opened for an exchange of ideas, with the core question of “what are the main sustainability-related challenges faced by your industry? and what they as business unit leaders and social entrepreneurs were inspired by.

This event series is meant to encourage more sustainability leaders to become ambassadors and share their stories, and also to use this opportunity as platform to meet other like-minded leaders.

Should you be interested in learning more about these events, or to nominate someone, please reach out to Emily Wang ([email protected]) to learn more.

To watch our sustainability ambassadors videos visit  #SustainabilityAmbassadors or to learn more about sustainability ambassadors visit #SustyAmbassadors


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