Successful Social Entrepreneurs Overcome Moments of Pain

At a certain point, if he’s going to get to the top of the boxing profession, a fighter has to learn the difference between the truth and a lie. The lie is thinking that submission is an acceptable option. The truth is that if you give up, afterward you’ll realize that any of those punches that you thought you couldn’t deal with, or those rough moments you didn’t think you could make it through, were just moments. Enduring them is not nearly as tough but having to deal with the next day and the next month and the next year, knowing that you quit, that you failed, that you submitted.

While recharging my batteries in Thailand last week, I found the Teddy Atlas following quote in the book The Fighter’s Mind to be a spot on reminder of what it takes to succeed as a social entrepreneur (or socially minded entrepreneur).

At times, it is a lonely process where long term visions of grandeur can be called into question on a daily basis, but the key to success (and overcoming those moments) is to maintain a focus and commitment to the long term vision and realize that it is not those who are punching you and causing you pain that you should be paying attention to.

It’s those in your corner who you should be listening to.



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