Student Sustainability Consulting Projects!

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One of our key focus areas has been to work with students from Asia’s leading universities, and to develop opportunities to partner them with leading corporate and non-profit partners to identify, research, and develop solutions for some of the most important issues facing China.

Through these projects, student teams leverage their knowledge, expertise, and teamwork to conduct proprietary research and analysis with the ultimate goal of moving the partner organization to an improved strategic position, and for this term we are proud to be able to offer two such opportunities.

The first project, supported by Bosch, students will look at 50 of China’s leading technology firms to understand and analyze their models for driving innovation forward.  To complete the project, students will have the opportunity to meet 20 founders, and will work with the founders to create a business model canvas.

The second, supported by Haworth, will work with a Haworth sustainability champion to identify China’s future workforce, analyze their needs for more sustainable workplaces, and develop a business model for the future of working.

As part of these projects, students will be trained to develop and execute market research skills, will hone their analytical skills, and will be given the opportunity to present their work in front of the executive leadership for both organizations.

This platform ideally offers real insight and real strategic value to both student teams and partners, and at the end of each program, we aim to provide both groups the opportunity to advance their capacity for long-term sustainability.

So, if you are a student in the Shanghai area who would like to organize a group of friends to work on this project, please Click here to learn more about the Haworth consulting Project or Click here to learn more about the Bosch consulting project.

You will find all the materials you need to learn about the projects, as well as the links to our applications.


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