Shifting Business Towards a Sustainability | Kate Williams

In this episode, I speak with Kate Williams, CEO of 1% for the Planet, about her work to leverage the power of small actions to catalyze a shift in sustainable business.

Founded by Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews in 2002, the intent of 1% for the Planet is to help fund these diverse environmental organizations so that collectively they can be a more powerful source in solving the world’s problems.

It’s a fascinating conversation that spans the vision she has for sustainable investment, making engagement easy, building & empowering teams, the power of NGOs and and always looking for opportunities to expand the mission!

00:20 – Welcome to Sustainable Ambassador Podcast
00:45 – Introduction and founding story to 1% For the Planet
01:50 – 1% of time or money adds up
02:45 – Changes in philanthropy and how COVID increased action
04:30 – Extending the impact beyond 1%
07:20 – Broadening the business model for greater impact
09:30 – Building a fund to scale impact
10:20 – Assessing the risk & opportunity of scope shift
11:30 – Innovating beyond the traditional NGO model
13:10 – The power of non-profits to solve big challenges
15:30 – Defending non-profit overhead and pushing back on “overhead” discussion
16:45 – Advice for executive directors

About Kate:
Kate Williams is CEO of 1% for the Planet, a global movement that inspires action and commitment so that our planet and future generations thrive.

1% for the Planet’s global network of thousands of businesses and individuals have donated $100s of millions to environmental partners to date. Kate has led significant growth in the community’s scale and impact, as well as deep work on best practices for implementing high impact giving strategies, growing a network brand and operating as a thriving workplace with an incredible staff team.

Kate earned a BA at Princeton University and an MS at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and has served on a variety of Boards throughout her career.

Kate is Mom to two amazing young adults, 30-year partner with her husband, and is a trail runner, hiker with her dog and kitchen gardener.

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About Collective Responsibility
Based in Shanghai, Collective Responsibility is a strategic advisory firm founded by Richard Brubaker, one of Asia’s most recognized authorities on sustainability, innovation and responsible leadership.

Founded with the fundamental belief that a sustainable world can only be achieved through awareness of issues, finding tangibility in business cases, and development of cross-sector collaboration, Collective Responsibility acts as a knowledge base, catalyst, and facilitator between stakeholders.

Our mission is to:
– Create a knowledge base and catalyze discussion of issues related to the development of civil society, business sustainability and social development in Asia.
– Develop tangible interests, engagement, and action on issues of sustainability (economic, environmental and societal).
– Develop organizational capacity with the aim to help create stable and profitable enterprises.

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