Rockets Have Trajectory. Fireworks Just Blow Up

The other night while speaking with my wife about achieving goals, she made the comment that I needed to think more like a rocket than fireworks.

That, in the interest of achieving my “goals”, I needed to have a trajectory with a goal as the destination… versus shooting straight up in the air, looking pretty, and then blowing up.

It was one of those conversations where a simple visual was used to make the point, and the point was made.  Wife happy.

In the grander scheme of social entrepreneurship, CSR, and sustainability, the same applies.  I am often speaking to others (ironically) about having the need for focus, and to build the capacity of the organizations (or team) to achieve that focus.

Internally, that means building the missions/ values, project management staff, and funding that will support the launch of the project, but developing the organization in a way that long term the course can be maintained through a programming approach.

Externally, that means building a message to external stakeholders (donors, program partners, investors, etc) that is consistent, clear, and supports the mission. This is an area many have problems with as NGOs spread out across issues, CSR/ sustainability programs lose tangibility, and externals (public/ media/ Gov’t agencies) find themselves in a consistent pattern of educating themselves on issues, solutions, and players.

Which is why firms, organizations, or entrepreneurs who are looking at engaging themselves into a new program need to have a clear sense of mission, understand the different stages of the mission, and build the resources necessary to succeed. Like a rocket.

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