Corporate Social Responsibility in China


Corporate Social Responsibility - Collective ResponsibilityFor firms, who recognized that a business with a core of responsible business practices was far more likely to be insulated from the risk of government policies (and enforcement), and far more likely to be poised for growth as new markets developed, they have undertaking a different process. A process where being a responsible company is core to their mission, and that involves the entire organization.

Through this guide we will help leaders understand some of the key issues to pay attention to, how to create effective strategies, and provide the tactical tools that will enable firms to take their (first) steps forward.

Specifically, through this report we will address the following topics:

  • History of CSR in China
  • Why SMEs should invest in CSR
  • How to create a CSR strategy
  • The 5 key programs of an effective CSR platform
  • Measuring and reporting success

With each readers own business models, industry climates, and stakeholder needs being unique, we have paid attention to make our recommendations on strategy, programs, and tangible, clear, and actionable in a way that is not prescriptive. It is a guide that reflects our own work in assisting others develop strategies, as well as in our own work to build our own organizations. As such, view the content and case studies as recommendations with the widest breadth of application.

If after reading the guide you find yourself looking for more targeted program specific information, we have included a list of reports, organizations, and programming guides that we hope will help you take that next step.

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