Redirecting Capital Towards Sustainable Business Models | Lisa Genasci

In this episode, Lisa Genasci of ADM Climate Fund shares insights on redirecting capital towards sustainable businesses.

Through our conversation, we speak about ADM Capital’s 15-year journey, the nuances of managing a foundation vs raising a fund, and the role of partnerships in promoting sustainability in finance;

It is an incredibly informative conversation on sustainability and finance, and the power of Sustainability Ambassadors to support that transition.

00:15 – Welcome to Sustainable Ambassador Podcast
00:55 – Lisa Genasci & ADM Climate Fund introduction
02:05 – ADM Climate Fund mission, vision and operating model
03:55 – Asia is where change needs to happen
04:45 – Embedding impact and ESG within core of fund
06:15 – Power of finance to support sustainable transition
07:15 – Leveraging work experience in non-profit foundation into for-profit fund
10:00 – Opportunities for sustainable professionals to enter finance, and need for finance professionals to be more sustainable
11:15: Managing donors vs. investors
12:50: Balance impact and profit as part of ROI
13:55 – Advice for transitioning a “traditional” fund towards sustainability
15:20 – Challenges faced when establishing fund
16:45 – Advice to professionals looking to enter sustainable finance

About Lisa:
Lisa Genasci is a Managing Director with ADM Capital, Climate Initiative.

Launched in 2022, ADM Capital Climate seeks to help finance the vast shifts underway in the power, food and land use sectors in Asia. Drawing on the firm’s experience in Asia Pacific lending and ESG and Sustainability leadership, ADM Capital Climate works with the world’s leading development finance institutions and internationally recognised impact investors and NGOs to deliver investment vehicles built on partnerships, community and conservation.

She is formerly the founder and CEO of ADM Capital Foundation (ADMCF), an innovative philanthropic vehicle to support critical research and impact-driven approaches to promoting environmental conservation in Asia.

Additionally, Lisa is a founder, with the ADM group, of the Tropical Landscapes Finance Facility (TLFF): a sustainable lending platform with BNP Paribas, UN Environment and ICRAF also as partners designed to finance green growth projects that aim to improve rural livelihoods and land use in Indonesia.

Lisa is also an advisor to the Washington DC-based Ocean Foundation and Hong Kong’s Clean Air Network. Lisa holds a BA degree with High Honors from Smith College and an LLM in Human Rights Law from HKU.

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