Ray Anderson’s Vision for Recalibration

Thoughts from Ray Anderson, Founder and Chairman of Interface, Inc., an industry leader in sustainability.

As long as the market is steered by invisible subsidies and perverse incentives, as long as it remaining blind to the real costs (economic, social, and environmental), it cannot steer a safer course through the storm any better than a blind helmsman can keep a ship off a reef.

— Ray Anderson

In 1994, Interface® Founder Ray Anderson challenged us to pursue a bold new vision “Be the first company that, by its deeds, shows the entire world what sustainability is in all its dimensions: people, process, product, place and profits – and in doing so, become restorative through the power of influence” The Interface journey toward sustainability has been a momentous shift in the way we operate our business and see the world. Move through these pages for a closer look at our progress, and find out how to get involved in our Mission Zero® journey.

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