Getting One Person to Take One Step

Last night, while speaking at the Wokai Drinks for a Better World event, I chose to highlight the tangibility of the impact that one person taking a single step can have on the environmental, economic, societal, and community issues we face.

In doing so, I went through my personal journey to establish and support organization that were working in the above areas. It was an attempt to in part inspire, but more than that, to show that it is possible as a one person to have an impact, and in using my own experience as the foundation for the pitch I was trying to provide a measure of tangibility that I personally find lacking in many presentation on the issues faced.

After my pitch, which you can see above, I was approached by several members of the audience who said that they have been inspired before, but never inspired to act. Until my presentation. That in seeing my story, and seeing how I took steps, they themselves understood that they could take their first steps as well.

For me, it was another lesson that not only is timing everything, but developing tangibility is core to turning inspiration into action.

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