Key Requirements for Sustainable Change Leadership

In preparation for an academic paper that I am working on with several colleagues at CEIBS on the Responsible Leadership Program, I came up with a list of items that I felt were required for us to be able to effectively transform our students into responsible leaders of change.

  1. Clarity of Purpose
  2. Tangibility of Issue
  3. A strong kickoff –
  4. Regionally/  Issued Focused
  5. Getting off campus
  6. Team Cohesion
  7. External Support

It was a list that I felt applied well to much of the client work I have done in the past, and when considering how and when organizations fail to make change, or even come to a basic agreement, I can usually look towards one of these items on the list and see a failure.

So, as your organization is looking to take on the responsibility, and develop a program that will have a positive impact, look to see if you have all of the above.  Because if you don’t, it is going to be awfully hard to get the organization, and those who lead it, to act.

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