New Report: Food Waste Management in China

“Many food waste treatment companies come to us, hoping to apply for the sale permit of fertilizers reprocessed from food waste. However, because there is no existing standard on such fertilizers now, we cannot issue any permits and [food waste treatment] companies cannot sell them to anyone. I think the absence of an official market will be a big challenge for those treatment companies.”

— Shanghai Agricultural Committee

In our latest addition to our series of reports and publications, we focus on the Food Waste Management in Shanghai.

A challenge that has received exposure over the years, be it for discussions on consumers who over order or the processing of “gutter oil”, through this reports we look into the mega-trends driving food waste in the city, and the capacity of infrastructure that the city has to manage this waste.

Through this report, which is grounded in more than 25 interviews  interviews and site visits, readers will gain an understanding of the the role of the informal system, the investments that the city is making in infrastructure, training, and regulations, as well as the role for entrepreneurs and innovators to pilot their own solutions

It is a report we believe will offer valuable insights for executives who are involved food &beverage, hospitality, or waste management industry, but equally, for anyone who is interested in understanding how China is reacting or adapting to the challenges posed by hyper-growth, this is a report that offers a lot of insights into the economics, regulations, and innovations around a core issue of sustainability.

To download the report, Click Here

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