China’s Race to Zero

When China announced its 2060 carbon neutrality goal in September 2020, it not only signaled its intention to lead the world in tackling climate change, it sent a signal to local & provincial mayors they would need to restructure their economies, energy producers would need to shift away from fossil fuels, and energy industry would need to clean up or clean out.

At the same time, it signaled that the golden age of sustainability was about to start, and that there would be handsome rewards for anyone whose products, services, or process that could help move these stakeholders closer to zero.

To help participants better understand what it will take for China to achieve its 2060 Carbon Neutrality, we have invited an amazing panel of experts and entrepreneurs who will speak to the opportunity for businesses to align their own carbon neutrality goals, and opportunities for entrepreneurs and innovators to develop and deploy solutions in China.

Through their presentations, and the moderated discussion, it is our hope that participants will not only walk away with more insights, but will leave with tangible ideas for how they are able to deploy their own ideas and innovations at scale, and we hope to see you there.

Date , Time, and Location

  • WeWork, The Centre
  • Wednesday April 21, 2021
  • 19:00-21:00


  • Shanghai Environment & Energy Exchange
  • Tong LaiFun, Senior Country Director, Workplace Solutions at CBRE
  • Sunny Wang, Asia Marketing Director at Interface
  • Cindy Chen, APAC Deputy Environment Director at L’Oreal (TBC)


  • Student: 50 RMB
  • Pre-signup: 75 RMB
  • At door: 100 RMB

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989 Changle Road,
Jingan District
Shanghai 200031

长乐路989号, 近常熟路

Nearest Metro Station:
– Line 1/ 7 Changshu Road (5 minute walk)
– Line 2 Jing An Temple (10-12 minute walk)

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About Collective Responsibility

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Founded with the fundamental belief that that a sustainable world can only be achieved through awareness of issues, finding tangibility in business cases, and development of cross-sector collaboration, Collective Responsibility acts as a knowledge base, catalyst and facilitator between stakeholders.

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