Sustainable Design for the Future

The world that surrounds us – the signs that direct us, the smartphone pages we flick through, the way we use buildings, how we move around cities – is consciously or unconsciously designed. How things are designed can have significant implications for sustainability: 80% of the environmental impacts of those products and services are determined in the early stages of design. We’ve made some significant headway on sustainability reporting and monitoring, governance, production, supply chains and communications, but paid much less attention (and allocated less budget) to how we design more sustainable products, services and systems.

What are the business case for designing for sustainability? How does a roadmap for sustainable design look like? What are the opportunities and challenges going forward faced by companies in China? 

As part of the Sustainability Speech Series Collective Responsibility has developed to bring in external experts to speak at leading Chinese universities, this event is focused on helping the students understand about the opportunities and challenges of design for sustainability. 

The event will have 2 panelists who speak for 20-25 minutes and then Q&A:

Bryan J. King, Director of International Relations, the Squirrelz;

Guo Chen, RD&E Wastewater Team Lead, Ecolab.

To RSVP please email Chuli Duan at [email protected].