Solving Community Problems with Innovation

Smart communities improve their citizens’ lifestyles by increasing mobility, reducing environmental pollutants and increasing individual’s control over the demands placed upon their lives from the convenience offered by a community-wide information infrastructure. Smart communities are also economically competitive in the new global economy and attract commerce as a result of an advanced telecommunications infrastructure. 

Moving conventional communities towards smart communities is not easy: it means to deliver services more efficiently while increasing transparency and engagement with citizens and businesses.  

Is there a clear roadmap for smart community success? How are other communities becoming smart communities? Who are the stakeholders and what their roles are in the transition?

As part of the sustainability speech series we have developed to bring in external experts to speak at leading Chinese universities, this event is focused on helping the students understand how community problems can be solved through innovation in China. The event will have 2-3 panelist in total who speak for 20-25 minutes and then Q&A. 

To learn more about this event please email Chuli Duan ([email protected])