Leveraging One-Off Events to Drive Sustainability

While one-off events like Earth Day and annual company days of service offer great opportunities to engage employees, and show externally how passionate they are about their community and the environment, many firms fail to leverage the full potential of these events.

When executed in this way, firms see momentum and excitement quickly disappear, and the only tangible output is a team selfie and a short paragraph for the annual CSR report.

An output we can all agree can do more harm than good for firms that are trying to drive a culture of sustainability.

To that end, through this session we’ll be discussing the tactics that can be used to leverage these sustainability events to drive local momentum, and answering these questions:

  • What is the value of one-off events, and how can they be structured to better capture the excitement and passion to fuel the development and execution of the broader sustainability strategy?
  • What tactics can be used to build the internal infrastructure in order to scale projects and support future initiatives?
  • What are practical and affordable follow-up actions that can be implemented?

As always, we will be bringing in speakers who will discuss their experience in driving internal momentum, supplemented with our own insights and case studies.

For more information about the session, please contact Charlie Mathews ([email protected]) and Yuxin Wang ([email protected])