Hong Kong Executive Luncheon: Internal Engagement

This session, we will be exploring the challenges that firms face after they have developed the vision, created the strategy, and now need to develop support from within the business to carry out the mission. A challenge that many would say is one of the greatest firms face, particularly given the fact that to change the product or process of the firm it requires a change of people.

As with our previous workshops, we will be using case studies and scenarios to provide practical lessons for how to move strategically on these issues.

Date: September 22th, 2015
Time: 11:30am – 1:30pm
Location: Haworth showroom (Wanchai District)

As with previous sessions, we will be sending out a small pre-read with questions, and hope that you will spend 15-20 minutes to read and consider.

If you would please send your RSVP by next  Wednesday(September 9th, 2015) that would be greatly appreciated. Please also let me know if you require vegetarian food or have any allergies.