Executive Breakfast: China’s Sustainable Consumers,Who Are They, Where Are They, and How to Convert Them

For many firms who have invested significant time and resources into building sustainability into their brands, or launching entirely new business units where sustainability is the core of the business, the struggle to identify (and scale) the market to support those investments had proven difficult.  Time and time again, consumers and stakeholders alike, will indicate a preference for supporting brands who are “more sustainable”, and claim they will pay premiums for “sustainable products”, but more often than, those same consumers will continue to support “the other” brands.

To help bring strategic insights into these challenges, we have invited Dr. Lu Zhi, Chief Marketing Officer of InoHerb Cosmetics 相宜本草.  With more than 15 years of experience in the cosmetics industry, Dr. Zhi’s work has centered around the development of a brand whose products are sustainably sourced and where sustainability has become a brand attribute that is sought after by consumers.

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