Developing a Post-COVID CSR Strategy

While firms struggled to ensure the safety of their employees, and assess the impact of COVID on their business operations, many also struggled to successfully pivot their CSR programs and giving.

It is a struggle that for many meant pausing programming, and waiting for partners to resume operations, while for others, it meant working with overseas foundations and boards to expedite approvals for a donation.

Now, after it has become clear that a “new normal” exists, the AMCHAM Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility committee would like to invite you to join our upcoming even where we will speak about the following:

Through this event, participants will gain insights into the following:
– How to build a post-COVID CSR strategy.
– be it through the renewed importance of donating to GONGOs
– Best practices & programs of Chinese and foreign firms.

It is our hope that participants will not only walk away with more insights, but will leave with tangible ideas for how they are able to deploy their own programs and partnerships, and we hope to see you there.