BBAU June – Closing the loop on waste (Beijing)

In this BeyondBAU luncheon on “Closing the loop on waste”, we will look at how China is managing its growing supply of waste, the implications for business, and some best practices for how firms in the retail and manufacturing sector are closing the loop in China.


To help drive depth of insights into the current systems, as well as some innovative programs, we will be releasing our comprehensive report on Shanghai’s Informal Waste Sector, and have invited executives from leading retailer and materials firms to speak about:

  • How is waste managed, formally and informally, in China?
  • What are the realities of recycling, and what is the business case for circular economy initiatives (e.g. product takeback programs)?
  • How can firms engage their stakeholders in participating in programs, or as brand building?


Libo Ma – Director in Corporate Culture, Employee Engagement and Sustainability at

Gloria Niu, China Sustainability Manager at Interface

Gloria Niu is a leadership trainee under a joint fellowship program with Interface and Collective Responsibility. The program is to develop a sustainability champion within Interface China. Her role is to drive internal and external engagement around Interface sustainability strategy, to integrate company global mission into China culture and society, and to support Interface implementing a sustainable business model.

She is a graduate of the University of Cambridge where she completed an MPhil in Environmental Policy and prior to this she graduated from Nanjing University with a Bsc in Environmental Science. During her study within environmental science and policy, she was a member of International Environmental NGO and student representative of United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development.


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