Baixian Foundation Summer Scholar Forum

Bai Xian Asia Institute (“BXAI”) believes that education is the most critical tool in building a world of greater understanding, trust, and stability. By strengthening relationships among the peoples and educational institutions of Asia, we seek to promote lasting friendships and bridge gaps across cultural differences.

As a way to deepen this experience for our current AFLSP Scholars (“Scholars”) and BXAI Summer Program graduates (together with Scholars, our “Alumni”), we are launching a new initiative called the Bai Xian Alumni Initiative Award, an award focused on encouraging and supporting our Alumni to develop socially responsible action plans, which serve to address the critical challenges faced by Asia’s communities, environments, and economies.

For participating teams, you will be supported by two mentors, one academic and one professional. Should you make it to the final round, you will present your plan in front of our esteemed panel of judges. Judges that are not only friends of Bai Xian, but also leaders of businesses, non-profits, and government agencies within the region.