China’s Emissions to Peak in 2030. Perhaps 2050. We’re Not Really Clear

Well, for anyone hoping for a quick turnaround, think again.

A few reports out today that covered the release of the 2050 China Energy and CO2 Emissions Report are putting the peak of emissions in the 2030.. 2050 timeframe, The Reuters Coverage of the release also included a bit on where the government will look to study and address the “imminent threats” that pretty much everyone are in agreement on:

1) Setting Greenhouse Gas Targets
2) Carbon Taxes
3) Energy Market and Financial Reforms
4) Emissions Scenarios

The report comes at a good time, with Copenhagen coming and all, and I think goes a long way to show that we are still not focused. That while everyone is focused on a single element on the periodic table, how to measure it, and how to do the latest dance… the “cap and trade”… no one really is working on solutions.

It is something I point out to a friend at Greenpeace the other day, the singular focus on Carbon, and it is a rut that I think will end up consuming the dialogue for far too long. This, in spite of the fact that Carbon is not the real problem… it is the byproduct of the problems .of the pillars our current economy are built on.

For anyone looking for a commitment at Copenhagen, my feeling is that we once again have a glimpse into what is likely to happen. that even if an agreement is reached, that the timeline will be one that will allow for a generation of people to pass before real steps are taken.

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