Climate Conversations & Collaborations

As the world faces growing environmental social, and economic disruptions, the need for cross-border engagement, collaboration, and scale of solutions has never been greater.

However, as relations between China and major partners, have grown tense, the ability to find the space for collaboration and engagement has narrowed, and through this series we hope to help stakeholders once again see the benefits of collaboration and find space for shared progress.

To execute on that vision we have planned for series of events, interviews, and site visits that highlight the shared challenge, and history of collaborations, that we hope not only provide a general awareness of challenges, and the power of collaboration, but offer business cases for collaboration that will catalyze leaders to see out, and support, future collaborations.

Episode Themes:

To best represent the challenges faced, the solutions needed, and the opportunities for collaboration, this series will have 12-15 episodes that are rooted in a shared challenge, but speak to the process (and outcomes) of cross-border collaboration.

Project Partners

FINN Partners
FINN Partners is one of the fastest-growing global, independent marketing and communications agencies in the world, serving clients through a powerful combination of bold creativity, informed strategy, hands-on partnership and highly specialized expertise.

LR Studio
LR Studio is a Shanghai-based creative studio specialized in storytelling through film, photography, graphic design and digital with full creative services from creative concept development to delivery.

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