Community and Events Manager

Community & Event Manager, Collective Responsibility

Collective Responsibility (CR) in Shanghai is seeking a Community & Event Manager. The role is varied and includes digital and event management responsibilities, writing assignments and oversight of the company’s community presence.

The role is responsible for actively advocating the Collective Responsibility business, and boosting awareness of the brand, offline and online. The role will be expected to strategically create and distribute CR’s brand content across a variety of different social networks and strategize ways to scale our communities.

The role will work hand in hand with other teams (Research & Consulting, Corporate Advisory, etc.) to ensure the best social customer response practices with the goal to evolve CR’s content storytelling, build visibility, increase our numbers and loyalty of followers, and achieve high levels of digital traffic and customer engagement.

Below is an overview of the responsibilities of the role.

Website & Social Media:

  • Day-to-day administration and management of CR communities across various social media platforms and other digital channels. Post event/ community related content, and ensure timely responses, across all platforms and ensure the CR brand voice is carried out across all channels.
  • Maintenance includes proof reading ALL content before posting.
  • Website: Upload articles/photos and oversee day-to-day management of our website. Website should be updated at least once a week such as with event write-ups/photographs.
  • WeChat: Organize and maintain the weekly WeChat schedule for the Official CR WeChat Channel. Posts will be released according to a level of importance and relevance as deemed by the company. Maintain the CR WeChat community groups as necessary as the administrator.
  • Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter: Post content from Insight or Events. Maintain account as necessary as the official administrator.
  • Analyze social media data; collect information monthly and share insights with relevant personnel as well as management team.

Community Presence

  • Support the development and distribution of quarterly CR newsletter, including writing, pitching ideas and editing articles.
  • Develop and manage platform partnerships and collaborations that allow for increased strength in platform, distribution of event promotions, and bring CR brand into new communities
  • Updating of CR contact event participant, speaker, and partner databases
  • Provide help with editing/design work as necessary


  • Organizing and managing all CR external events including Executive Luncheons, Evening Forums, and Site Visits.
  • Responsible for pre- and post- event planning, coordination, communications, creating and curating content,including pitching ideas for events.
  • Maintain calendar of external events (local, regional, and global) relevant to CR and may be of interest of team members.
  • Track any speaking engagements which CR team members are involved in, and update social media channels accordingly as appropriate (i.e. Official Website, LinkedIn).

Qualifications Needed

  • Strong event planning and management experience
  • Strong social media strategy skills
  • Understanding of sustainability issues, and interest to learn more about sustainability trends in the Asia Pacific region, particularly in the Greater China Region.
  • Ability to work well in a small team, as well as individuals from different departments
  • Fluency in English and Mandarin preferred
  • Some knowledge of html


Applicants can send cover letters and CVs to