Class ended at Vincci Real Estate Hackathon!

On 5-6 May 2017 , Vincci Group launched “The Educational Hub of Tomorrow” hackathon in Chengdu.

Within 24 hours, six student teams from Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan Agricultural University, Chengdu University of Technology and Chengdu University successfully completed the following challenge and presented their ideas to the judges:

How to design an educational hub that satisfies the community’s educational wants and needs?

Every team focused on their chosen user segment and combined their online and offline research to analyse the users’ pain points to develop solutions for the future.

Keynote speeches

Before the hackathon began, Michael Cheung, the Executive Director of Vincci Group, Wenlan Li, the Deputy President and Deputy Chief Architect of Huayu Architectural Design and Richard Brubaker, Founder of Collective Responsibility gave keynote speeches. With their expertise in different areas, the three guest speakers shared their insights regarding the challenge and offered valuable advice to student teams.

Richard pointed out that students need to consider users’ needs and how to satisfy these needs.

Michael explained that Vincci Group, a company with a “Work and Talk” development mindset, organised this hackathon in hopes that the new generation of architects can design a new building suitable for the current trends. Also, Vincci hopes that the architecture students realise that the future of real estate is not just to construct a box, but rather, something much more…

With 30 years of experience in the architecture industry, Mr Wenlan Li shared four excellent case studies that he previously worked on. In addition, he mentioned the elements that an excellent architectural design must possess.


The Learning Journey

Students and their mentors having a deep discussion.
Supper time! Student teams take a break for supper.

Judging and presentations

After 24 hours of brainstorming and editing of their proposal under the guidance of their mentors,  student teams presented their final ideas to the judges.

The Results

The moment where everyone is waiting for has arrived, the top 3 winning teams are:

【Third Place:TEAM CDUT from Chengdu University of Technology】

【Second Place: ONE EDUCATION from Chengdu University】

【First Place: RI STUDIO from Southwest Jiaotong University】

Congratulations to the winning teams! And thank you to all the students and mentors for participating in this hackathon!

For more information about our hackathons, please contact Chuli Duan: [email protected].

This article was written by Lilly Xu, research analyst at Collective Responsibility. 



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