China’s Environmentalists on Twitter

Following last week’s post where I listed China’s Social entrepreneurs and enterprises, I thought I would also update the list of people and organizations who are focused on sustainability and the environment in China.  As before, this is certainly not a complete list of those who exist on twitter, so if you see anyone missing, please post in the comments section.

Environmentalists and Sustainability-Focused People

@Alex Wang – China’s environment/energy
@Alice Wong – China, Sustainability, and Innovative Technology
@Alison L – A 15 year old teen from HK supporting The Ian Somerhalder Foundation
@Angel Hsu– PhD in environmental policy at Yale
@Barbara Finamore – NRDC China Program Director
@Bill Fisher – American living in Shanghai & Hong Kong
@CC Huang – China, environment, technology, and anything strange, innovative or beautiful
@Charlie McElwee – Climate Change Policy & China
@Chris Brown – General Manager, North America for Asia Cleantech Gateway
@Christina Larson – Beijing-based contributing editor at Foreign Policy magazine
@Cleaner Greener China– The Greener side of Collective Responsibility
@David Pinto – CleanTech & Semiconductor Communications/Journalism/Marketing
@Elizabeth Balkan _ Monitoring energy and environmental news in China
@Ed Sappin – Renewables & Alternative Investments leader. China strategist.
@Fran Fremont-Smith – Working with youth raise their understanding of China,its language, culture and the environment
@GreenLeapFwd– Cleantech attorney
@Ina Pozon – climate/energy and water in Asia
@Isabel Hilton – Founding Editor of China Dialogue
@James Parker – China Sustainability Mgr for a major US MNC
@James Tweetcroft ‏ – Business strategy consultant and joint venture facilitator
@Jonathan Watts – Asia environment correspondent for The Guardian. Author of When a Billion Chinese Jump
@Keith Bradsher – Hong Kong bureau chief of The New York Times. Currently covering Asia energy, rare earths, autos, trade and economics, especially China.
@Linden Ellis – US director of China Dialogue
@Lisa Genasci – CEO of The ADM Capital Foundation
@Lucia Green-Weiskel – climate change policy in China
@Manuela Zoninsein – journalist covering the push for cleantech, eco-living & sustainable meat free food, especially in emerging nations.
@Mark Englehart Evans ‏ – China-based, sustainability-minded technologist, strategist & consultant.
@Mark Tong – digital media, green tech, eco-friendly public policies, sustainable development, renewable energy.
@Perrine Bouhana – Sustainability consultant working at international PR firm
@Sam Geall – Deputy Editor of China Dialogue
@Rob Earley – Director for Clean Transportation Program
@Sustainable John – US-China relations, energy efficiency and power storage as enablers for renewable energy, communication on climate change, eco-rap
@Tan Copsey – BBC Media Action. Climate change and Asia
@Terry Cooke – US-China Cleantech, Clean Energy & Innovation

Sustainability and Environmental Focused Organizations

@Asia Water Project – Water
@Beijing Air – Hourly air quality readings from American Embassy in Beijing
@China Dialogue -Where China and the world discuss the environment
@China Organic – All things green, sustainable & eco
@China Wind Power – China Wind Power International Corp.
@Clean Air Network – HK’s leading NGO on air pollution
@EcoAsia – Asia’s first bilingual online Green lifestyle magazine
@Environment China – Retweeting Air Quality releases of US Embassy in Beijing
@Go Green Hong Kong – Dedicated to provide latest green-related news, technology tips and best practices.
@Greenpeace HK ‏
@Greenpeace China
@Greennovate team – Sustainability concepts for businesses and communities
@Green Drinks China
@Green Energy China – Clean Technology, Renewables, Alternative Energy, Resource Efficiency, Green Building, Environment, Climate Change & Green Jobs in China
@GreenITers – eco-innovation community in Asia. We globally encourage everyone to Green it!.
@GREEN LONG MARCH – Longest and largest youth conservation movement by university students in China
@H&K HK Green Team – Hill & Knowlton Hong Kong’s Green Team.
@HKUST Sustainability – Tweeting HKUST’s Green and Sustainable Initiatives
@ISF HONG KONG – We are not the only organisms on this planet.
@JUCCCE – Joint US China Collaboration on Clean Energy
@Nature China-highlighting the best research being produced in Hong Kong and Mainland China
@Sustainability China – The Shanghai Center for Sustainability
@Wild China – Beijing-based adventure travel company focusing on sustainable travel in China.
@WWF-Hong Kong
@YaleE360 – Opinion, Analysis and the Latest Environmental News

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